date:Feb 12, 2009 @ 16:36

OpenLaszlo is a rich internet platform that lets you write once and compile applications to both flash and DHTML for access from a web-browser.

The overall architecture is as follows:


OpenLaszlo applications are written in LZX, which is an XML and JavaScript description language that enables a declarative, text-based development process.

LZX supports rapid prototyping, collaborative software development and long term code maintenance.

Developing an OpenLaszlo application is as simple as Edit, Save, Refresh.

Use any text editor to edit a source file, and type its URL into your browser.

The server automatically compiles the application into a Flash object file, and the browser displays it.

Find out and experiment with this concept from the original web-site at

or find out more starting from the homepage on the OpenLaszlo web-site at:



The free, web-based, diagramming software Gliffy

is based on OpenLaszlo