Software as a Service - Web Sketch et alΒΆ

date:Feb 24, 2009 @ 15:25

Sorry for repeating myself, but in the beginning there was Web Sketch.

This concept explored the possibility of using the client machine as a front-end to a server based modelling system and the application ran from within a web-browser.


In terms of SolidWorks, a user can create sketches in a web browser on his local machine which are submitted for processing on the server machine to produce a 3D model which is returned to the client for viewing. e.g. user sketches a rectangle, specifies an extrude distance and submits the data to the server which generates the required 3D model of a box and returns the 3D model.

Then there was AutoRender, the ability to generate fully ray-traced images of models by uploading the model to a server where the rendered image(s) were generated and a selection returned to the user.


Followed by CosmosXPRESS NOW!, where you would submit a model to a server which would run an Analysis job on the model and return the result to the user.


Perhaps, it is now the time to re-visit this basic concept, a lightweight local application which can access more powerful processing capabilities as required, to see how well it works for the Mini9.