Why create another Web Modeller

date:Feb 25, 2009 @ 12:22

Now there’s a question.

Dassault already have an offering in this market with 3DVIA Shape and Google provide Sketchup.

3DVIA Shape

3DVIA Shape is a free, online, modelling application that allows a user to create 3D models, not dissimilar in some respects to Sketchup.


Models are published (i.e. saved) to a users account on the web and can be shared within the community.

One limiting factor to the system, is that it will only work when you have a connection to their web-site.

Another restriction is that the system is limited to running on Microsoft Windows based boxes.


Google Sketchup

As mentioned, Google Sketchup provides a similar web-based modelling capability and has its own, associated development community.


In some respects, Sketchup could be considered to provide a better solution and is less restrictive in terms of hardware requirements and the need to have an Internet connection.



A competing product in this market will have to be very compelling with some unique aspects.

It should at the very least, have the following characteristics:

  • Small footprint/download
  • Automatic updates
  • Ability to work both on-line and off-line
  • Cross platform and OS
  • Have local and remote modelling features
  • Ability to share models
  • Collaborative modelling
  • Geometry Creation
  • Synchronisation
  • Model Assembly
  • Access to off-Line Services (Rendering, Analysis, 3D Printing)
  • Cloud Data storage